4 Surefire Steps to Get Grants For a New Business

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When you’re looking to start your new business, such as house painting in naperville IL, but do not have the suitable funding, you must know that you may be eligible for a government grant for the new business.

Government grants are a helpful resource because you don’t have to pay them back, unlike in the way you do on a loan.

Step 1

Assess the whole amount of cash needed for your new business. When you are sure of your monetary needs, you can shortlist from the massive list of grant classes. Placing it simply – you will know particularly which sort of grants you should be hunting for.

Say, you are intending to use that grant for hiring staff or getting stock for the new business or something else, in all of the cases, you’ve got to list down the machines, office supply and merchandise required.

The concept here is to get an approximate image of the overall costs concerned. This appraisal is a coarse one, but it can at least come up with an amount which will closely match your quantity of funds.

Step 2

It’s better if you do some cross-checking with the SBA. The Small Business Administration could be a pretty helpful source for getting government grants – particularly for newly started companies.

Though the SBA doesn’t authorize any grants on its own, you can get the newest updates on the latest government grants supplied for either people or enterprises.

Overall, the SBA is a brilliant source to get updates on Fed grants for the new business you are beginning. Look up the official location of SBA.

Step 3

Also, look up the grant site of the US government. As quickly as you get to this site, you’ll see this is a superb platform for getting government grants. This site has wonderful search options.

You can search grants by keywords, categories and other fields available in the sophisticated search option. And when you see an appropriate grant, you can fill out the form provided for it and submit. The grant authority will inspect your claim and it should not take more than a fortnight to get an answer.

Step 4

It might also help you to run a standard Google search. You can try this if you’re unsuccessful with the government grants or when you’re feeling that you wish to try all opportunities at the


Business Start Up Loans

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The process of turning investments to profit is the main motive for setting up a business. But even before you even start thinking of profits, the basic capital investment can start your worry; this is when business loans for start ups come into picture.

Realizing the idea about starting a business, such as an executive gutter cleaning service in omaha, starts with buying office space, investing in equipments and machinery, hiring staff, purchasing raw material, purchasing stationary, furniture, computers and other electronic appliances, and the list goes on. . You know that these small ideas can lead you to success. For supporting them business start up loans are there.

If you’re having difficulty accumulating enough patrons willing to gamble on your business, then take a look at the opportunities business loans can grant you.  Naturally you don’t desire to burden yourself with debt, but you also don’t wish to consider the consequences either. Business start up loans, thus help you live up your business ideas through proper funding and are the most popular way of financing your new business venture.

For larger loans along with easy repayment installments and longer repayment term you have the option called secured business start up loan. This type of loan is secured against your property or some valuable asset called as collateral. The other option called the unsecured business loan, with lesser amount but is savior when you have urgent needs. These two different forms of loans are suitable for different types of borrowers.

Investigating and applying for business start up loans is not a big deal, but instead is a matter of choice and a result of careful study. After selecting the package which suits your requirements, you can apply for business start up loans by filling a simple application form. Other than your personal and loan details, you also have to discuss your business venture idea along with how your business will be successful enough to repay the loan amount. If the financer is satisfied with your justification and ideas, he will process your loan request for approval.


Minority Business Grants – How to Get Free Government Money

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Beginning a business is a thrilling time, but lining up all your financing can be nerve wracking. With minority business grants, people who are beginning a new business or expanding an existing business can get as much as $50,000 to help their business succeed. As a consequence, minority entrepreneurs can cut back their monetary risk and give back to the community by launching a lucrative activity that might provide roles, attract competition and bring in more tax dollars to the state.

The chief advantage of obtaining minority business grants over traditional loans is that the cash that’s acquired never needs to be repaid. Grants are provided by government agencies and private foundations as tax free cash awards with no repayment terms, in any case if your business succeeds or not. To get authorized you better be certain you’ve got a solid business plan in mind that can transform into profit.

While minority business grants may only be one of many finance resources you will have to tap into to make your business successful, any money you can attain through grant funds can help with future profits. Private funding and conventional venture capital, as an example, regularly needs giving up some possession of your business, which puts your profits and control of your company in jeopardy.

But by searching and making an application for free minority business grants, African American, Hispanic, and Asian American citizen can get the money they have to lease office space, hire workers, buy new apparatus, or source their products. These programs are supplied to help American small businesses, such as a roof repair business in arlington texas succeed and shouldn’t be overlooked as a real chance to partner with the government and put your tax bucks to some serious use.


Identify The Structure Of Your Business

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There are various steps that should be followed before starting a business like business funding, business plan, business name, business marketing and much more. Of all the necessary steps you take to start a business, the most important one is to identify the legal structure of your business. Business structure implies the type of business you want to form such as sole proprietorship, partnership, S corporation and limited liability corporation (LLC). So, for every small business advice is recommended to determine the form of business entity you want to establish.

The structure of your business will not only decide the form of income tax returns, but it will affect the business liability and the paperwork required for your business.  Sole proprietorship is the most common and easy form of business structure, partnership and S corporation being the other forms.  Limited liability Company (LLC) is a recent development in these business structure forms. You must choose wisely and decide the structure that matches your business needs, because each form comes with different tax implications.

Sole proprietorship is the simplest structure which involves only one individual without corporation. The individual solely represents and operates the company.  One of the disadvantages of selecting sole proprietorship is that the individual is personally responsible for the company’s liabilities.  If the corporation faces any legal problems, your personal assets can be seized to satisfy the debts.

In partnership, more than one individual is involved in the ownership and operations of the business. It provides business owners more freedom with shared profits and losses so if your starting desoto tree removal service, you can split the expenses and profits. Partnership comes in two forms: Limited partnership and General partnership.

A Limited liability Corporation provides more flexibility to the business as it combines features of both corporation and partnership business structures. Owners of a LLC are called as members and they possess limited personal liability for the debts of the company.  In LLC, all the profits and losses in business flow through the company to the members.


Small Business Tax Tips

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Any growing businesses owner knows that they may live or die by the financial choices that they make. While many cut corners by making provident purchase choices, few realize the opportunities

that are open to them when it comes to working out the taxes for their business. In this piece, we’ll give you some suggestions to help you realize the best paths to optimize your taxes.

– One remarkable write-off that many home entrepreneurs fail to realize is their medical insurance. The taxing laws states that self-employed people may write off a full 60 percent of their healthcare insurance costs, saving them potentially thousands of greenbacks. Additionally, medical saving accounts can be set up and the contributions made up till Apr 17th are thought to be by the IRS.

– When thinking about workers for your omaha rolloff construction dumpster rental business, think family first. If there are people in your circle of relatives that will help you to operate the business, you can allow them to take on some of the earnings of the business, permitting you to put your takings into lower tax brackets, presuming the relative performs some kind of service to the business.

– Another aspect frequently neglected by ignorant home entrepreneurs is the possibility of a retirement fund. You can make a contribution to a certified self retirement fund which is totally tax deductible in your returns.

– The 1st year cost shortcoming for any small business is now $19,000. Remember to write off any business-related practices, including taking potential customers to lunch, or golf, or whatever situation may merit as a cost.

Maintaining a tally of your monetary records and keeping a clear separation between expenses made for yourself and those made for your business can actually ease your struggle come tax time. Being arranged and having a plan can save you both time and vital money.

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Vehicle Rental Business

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party busIf your looking to start a business, why not look into starting a limo or party bus rental business. These business are very lucrative, as people rental vehicles for all kinds of events, you might need to checkout the licensing and driver requirements before pursuing this business.

But if you can get 1 vehicle off the ground running, you can scale up, you also want to look into some cities to start your business in. Look for cities that are major tourist attractions, many people will come to a city and dont want to drive because they may not know there way around or they just want to party hard and not worry about driving. These can be coastal cities such as galveston tx, miami or even the carolinas.

Also you want to checkout major sports or party cities, these are hotspots for limo services, one city would the dfw area. Of course you have to cowboys, and many other attractions. If your good, and someone is looking for a party bus rental in fort worth, and you have to party bus to do so, this can be a major win for you. You can rent buses up to 20 people and charge by the person.

These are just some events you can charge a limo or party bus for, another HUGE  event is high school proms, this particular season is very lucrative due to the fact that many high schoolers are looking all at once, so limos are at a premium.

Another even is bachelor/bachelorette parties. These kinds of events do well because the parties are usually big, so you can charge a premium for this also. Starting a limo rental services is a great way to make a great living, if you do well, you can really scale by opening up more limo companies in different cities.


How to Avoid Small Business Bankruptcy?

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Each year thousands of companies, such as an appliance repair in arlington texas face and become bankrupt. However, for plenty of these firms it was avoidable, and all of the years of difficult work might have been saved.

It simply boils down to an absence of information. Creditors don’t would like to see corporations go into liquidation, because when that occurs everybody concerned loses. now when a company goes past due with it’s creditors, they receive no help and tiny understanding.

That’s where a debt relief consultant organization comes in. These firms can supply a helping hand to companies wrestling with debt that they need to be in a position to pay, but for who knows what reason they don’t seem to be in a position to do so.

When they’re first instructed to act for a company they research which debts are business imperative and draw up a revised payment plan, based mostly on what can realistically be managed by the company. They then use all their talents and experience of the market to debate terms with the creditors of the company based mostly on this plan. They’re in a novel situation to be ready to make creditors understand a company’s predicament. This indicates that they can achieve results and barter much improved payment terms and plans.

We have seen corporations save over eighty percent of what they at first owed, avoid becoming bankrupt and then go on to achieve success again. The method actually does have the power to save a company and radically change the lives of those concerned with it. to have the debt relief methodology work as well as it can, it’s so vital to work with the best company’s in the business.

The reason being because only these corporations have the talent and capability to agree the highest quality deals and biggest reductions.

start a business

Step-by-Step Guide to Start a Business

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Business is a field demanding personal care, optimism, immense hard work and a touch of tact and expertise. A factor of risk always accompanies but efforts can be made to achieve success and profit in the desired field. A step-by-step business guide comes very handy at this stage.

The steps needed to be followed for a successful career in the field of business may be:


Search for demand and work to fulfill it:
Plan the business sect chosen in such a way that it best meets the consumer needs. Once
the plan is ready, execute it with care looking out for competitors in the same field.

Select suitable location:
Find the area suitable for setting up your business keeping all the legalities in mind.

Arrange for financial back-up:
Funding is essential to start any business. Arrange for potential investors and money
lenders for enough financial support.

Select and register a name for your business:
Choose the appropriate name for your venture and work to get a trade mark which can
later be established as a brand.

Obtain your Tax ID number:
After the registration, apply for your unique business identifier, which will appear on all
official documents and will be helpful in case of banking.

Create an account:
This will help in handling your finances better and in a systematic way.

Obtain license:
Work permits and license are a prerequisite in starting a business so as to legalize it

Arrange for professional help:
This might involve the assistance of bookkeepers and accountants along with official

Team up with reliable Suppliers:
Coordinate with suitable firms providing the necessary items on time on a regular basis.

Market properly:
Luring the consumer is best achieved by a well planned marketing strategy.


Bookkeeping Tips For Small Businesses

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Small business is essentially privately owned and operated with the involvement of a few people which manages smaller sales. Small business is started on a relatively small capital and allows independence and freedom of thought and ideas to the beginner. It also provides scope for experimentation.


Bookkeeping is the maintenance of records of all official transactions of a business. The transactions may include invoices, revenue, expenses, cash receivables, profits, dates of transactions and bank statements. Bookkeeping helps keep the accounting book hassle free and prepares it for the tax purpose. It also gives a clear picture of the status of the business.

Manual bookkeeping is affordable however, outsourcing book keeping from professional accounting firms are beneficial. Bookkeeping can be done using a spreadsheet in the former case and through the software in the latter. Accrual-based or cash-based accounting may be used, depending upon the time of recording. Accrual-based system records expenses and incomes after the payments while cash-based system records whenever they occur.

A simple business dealing with invoices and cheques only can use Microsoft Money for bookkeeping. An efficient bookkeeping requires constant update and careful contributions. Some of the methods of bookkeeping include:

  1. Patented System- Simplex, Everite, Collins.
  2. Analysis book- Adjusted to requirements.
  3. Double entry system: involving ledgers.
  4. Computerized softwares: available in downloadable format.

Bookkeeping helps create a hassle free account sheet and keeps a clean account which further helps evade the tax related problems. It also projects the current status of the business and helps manage the finance in favor of the business to increase profits.


Small Business Start-up Tips

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The Recession has contradictorily opened up a variety of opportunities for the people wanting to start up their own business.The small business concept is picking up pace and there

are numerous kits and organizations volunteering for the required assistance. Business does not follow a regular pattern of success or failure and hence it entirely depends on the party planning for it. However, there is a lot of help available.


Once the entire package required for starting up the business has been arranged for, some cautionary tips can be followed to evade entering the risk zone. These may comprise:

  1. Selecting the business of your liking and expertise: Since the entire capital is being invested, it is advisable to choose the field carefully and then following it up enthusiastically. It can be started while still employed, to further avoid risks of losses and bankruptcy.
  1. Having a reliable support system as back up teemed with optimum research: An experienced ally or training might prove useful and a thorough knowledge of the chosen field of expertise and the work pattern is always beneficial.
  1. Staying professional and acquiring professional help: Knowledge of tax and other legal responsibilities is required before setting up a business and the further actions must follow suit. Professional bookkeepers and accountants may be hired to avoid future problems and added expenses.
  1. Arranging for potential funds: This may be achieved by approaching suitable investors and lenders. A fall-back plan should be figured out in advance too.
  1. Starting small and growing big: Initializing the business with affordable capital and taking it to higher heights is the key.

A journey to the peak should begin with a step. Optimism, faith, strategy and hard work used tactfully with the above steps can ensure a better opportunity in the market and success.



Small Business Credit Card Fraud

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An simple and short definition of small business fraud on credit cards states that it is a fraudulent exchange that’s conducted by stolen small business credit card or thieved card information. Such crime generally ends up in illegitimate acquisition of products and services.

A sophisticated definition of growing businesses fraud on credit cards defines it (occasionally known as Credit Crime) as an illegitimate operation using private or small businesses credit cards or card information that’s used for paying for the fake transaction. The final objective of such transaction is purchasing products without essentially paying for them or unlawfully transferring funds to the account.

If you suspect that you’re a victim of growing businesses fraud on credit cards, the very first things you must do is report to your card provider and even block your card, if necessary.

In USA out of $1 trillion that clients have available on their cards only $2-3 billion is guessed to be crime loss. This makes a miniscule fraction of one percent that may appear that shocking. However the results of crime might be highly upsetting for the victims. Though in USA victims are insured towards financial loses, however the expenses are the inconvenience, raised interest rates and charges by which banks cover losses.

There are a few strategies how credit burglars obtain access to victim’s account to get engaged in credit crime and use available money for fake purposes. Card thieves can:
1. Steal victim’s card
2. Stealing victim’s credit card information
3. Taking over victim’s account

Internet is a main source of credit fraud. When a customer purchases through Internet using a credit card, a sales person does not have possibility to physically inspect the small business credit card; therefore he/she relies on provision of credit card information by mail, phone or online form. This creates a strong base for credit fraud, since delivery companies do not check identification of the receiver of the good. The only thing that merchant can do is that he may require delivery of goods to the address approved by cardholder. Also it’s a fact that small transactions as over looked and most fraudulent transactions are conducted keeping this in mind.

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Entrepreneurs and Olympic Athletes

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 I feel blessed for the fact that our great country played host to the world for the 2010 Olympic Games and we were fortunate enough to be able to go and participate in all the festivities.

But while we were there, I couldn’t help but begin to see a variety of parallels between the small business owner and the Olympic athlete.

Here’s what I mean…

 1) Clear Vision/Focus

In order to compete at the highest level of sport (the Olympics), you must have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and the focus to do whatever it takes to get there.  Athletic ability definitely plays a big factor in winning or losing but being “mentally tough” can mean the difference between “just participating” vs being on the podium.

The same goes for business.  How many people do you know have the “skills” to build a successful business but for whatever reason never do?



These are the things that keep the entrepreneur on course and prevent us from getting the “shiny object distraction syndrome”.

That’s where the next big idea, latest tactic, or new tool pulls you away from your core business.

Hey, we’ve all been there but just like an Olympic athlete, we as small business owners must stay focused and have a clear vision of the business we are trying to build.  At the end of the day, our job as entrepreneurs is to create VALUE.  We do that by creating products and providing services that fulfill the needs of our customers.  As long as you always stay focused on that, you’ll always do well.

 2) Passion

Olympic athletes are passionate.

They are passionate about their sport, representing their country and they are passionate about competing and winning.

Likewise, successful small business owners are passionate about the products they sell and the value they provide.

Do you wake up excited about your day?

If not, that could be a sign that there are some things that need to change.

Often times it might not be the business or the industry that’s draining your passion.

It could be what you are working on inside of your business.

For example, if you’re not a details person (that includes me), then working on detail oriented projects and tasks is probably the thing that’s draining your energy and passion.  So a simple adjustment of hiring someone to handle that …


Top 5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Building Business Credit

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There are a large amount of questions about the way to start a business. Many of those questions pertain to the start up of the business itself, while others relate to the operation of the firm. While there’s a lot of good advice out there, and certainly a large amount of folks with credibility from which to find the answers, one of the finest methods to learn is by having a look at the mistakes others have made and then by trying to gain from them. One of the areas in which a lot of folk screw up is in the area of business credit. And as such, this is an area in which entrepreneurs can learn plenty from the people that have gone before them.

The following summarizes five of the most typically made mistakes relating to business or corporate credit. New entrepreneurs would do well to profit from these missteps. While this might appear clear, one frequent mistake is when entrepreneurs overextend themselves financially. Credit is usually a good thing to have but not when it implies the individual can’t make their payments. As such, it is rarely a brilliant idea to get too much on credit.

The inverse of the first mistake is when entrepreneurs fail to develop their credit.
In the business world, as in the world of private finances, the sole way to get credit is to build it. As such, businessmen should make purchases on credit even if they can do so in readies to try to build their credit ratings.

Yet one more mistake that many folk make is to intertwine their business and private finances. It’s important to keep these 2 arenas separate so that there’s a difference between the 2. This implies that the business should have its own address and telephone number separate from the home address and telephone line of the entrepreneur.

Businessmen also fail to develop their credit when they neglect to ask banks to report their on-time payments. Unlike private credit, creditors aren’t needed to report expenditures to credit offices, so often good behavior slips between the cracks. People need to ask that their lender essentially report the good activity too.

Eventually, people often close credit accounts aimlessly.
Folk need to grasp that closing a credit account often appears as a negative mark on a credit history. As such, folks who feel they don’t have a need


7 Serious Business Credit Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

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Every business requires money to make more money. In order to expand your business you take to credit and many a times fail to repay or may be in a soup for some serious mistake committed.The slang that fits in best is borrowers beware cause this can impact the future of your business.

Serious Mistake #1 – Using your personal credit for business purposes
It’s also the most widespread faux pas. It starts with paying for small business expenses with your personal credit cards ending into personal loans to finance the business and its expenses.

When you invest your personal credit into business items, you are utilizing the funds you have open for personal and family use. Since you’ve already used if for business expenses you having nothing else to fall back upon in time of emergency.
Avoiding this is what we suggest, since it can land you in great trouble. What you can do is get credit on employer identification number (EIN).

Serious Mistake #2 – Putting personal assets at risk
When you take a loan you need to keep your assets as collateral to secure repayment of a loan for your business.
The jeopardy is that 85% of all small businesses fail within the first year and you are one among those, then you could lose not only your company but your home or any other asset you’ve pledged.

To avoid such situations, we would suggest that you incorporate your business, instead of setting it up as a sole proprietorship. Incorporation can shelter you from personal liability and company debts and also offers other tax advantages.

Serious Mistake #3 — Not paying bills on time
Being an entrepreneur isn’t that easy when the cash flow of the business is not exactly flowing in. You can’t afford even a single overdue payment, as this could lead to bad relations and you could lose your status in he business hierarchy. For this reason your business may be denied additional credit when that credit is crucial to your company’s survival.

Serious Mistake #4 — Using your family’s money
Borrowing money from your family members or convincing your partner to get credit for you or investing your own savings into your company, no matter the amount, it all adds up to one big blunder.

The fact that we have mentioned above that more than fifty percent start up businesses tend to failure,

music festival

A Guide To Starting Your Own Music Festival

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Over the past 10 years, the popularity of the music festival has gone from strength to strength. From the heady days of Woodstock to the gargantuan gatherings of the world’s biggest music festival – Summerfest – which annually attracts up to 1 million people there’s nothing to stop you getting in on the action as well. All music festivals need to start off somewhere be it the backyard of someone’s house to a local park. Keeping your ideas realistic, affordable and achievable will guarantee the popularity and success of your music festival to grow.

When planning your first music festival there are a number of very important factors you need to consider; the first of which being your location. If you are planning a small music festival with a handful of bands and a local audience you may wish to consider using a large back garden or area of community parkland. Getting permission of those who own the land is essential, if you fail to do so you could find yourself arrested! Being aware of the noise involved is also important and you should be completely honest with yourself, those involved and local people about what the festival will entail.

Once you’ve found a suitable location for your music festival the next factor to consider is technical requirements. Sponsorship is a great way to save money, especially if you can get support from companies or organisations that are willing to lend speakers, staging or even volunteers to organise and police your event. Power supply is a particularly important topic and considerable time should be given to investigating safe and affordable . Running your festival ‘off the mains’ simply isn’t a practical option so investigating the power options available is on top, if not near the top, of your agenda.

Once you have your location and technical requirements prepared, it’s now time for the fun part – booking your bands and advertising. Cutting costs by finding bands that are happy to play for free and support an up and coming music event is a must for any first time festival organiser. Roping in friends and family to poster and flyer is also another good idea given the cost of promotional staff can quickly push your overheads up. If you’re looking to cut costs even further, there’s also the option to advertise online via social networking sites instead of buying posters and …


Starting A Home Business – Only The Strong Survive

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Starting a home business such as a bounce house rental company in grand prairie tx can be a daunting task. With so many do’s and don’ts, here’s and there’s, one can get overwhelmed in the process. In this article you will learn three very important tips that will get you off to a good productive start. The reason that many home business owners fail is not the lack of knowledge, but the lack of endurance and focus needed to succeed in this competitive world that we live in. Applying the following tips to your business will benefit the birth and the growth of your home business.

Listed below are the three tips and a brief description about how using each one can and will improve your home business.

1 . Arm Yourself – Arm yourself with as many resources and tools as you can before starting your business. Learn everything you can concerning your business from start up cost to potential earning capacity; crunch those numbers! Figure out all of the supplies that you will need to start your home business such as a computer, stationery, pens, staplers, cell phones and even space. Take time to search the internet for anything dealing with your particular niche. Read of articles that talk about the business that you are about to embark on. Print out these articles and highlight all of the things that you find useful. Strap yourself with as much knowledge as you can while having helpful email addresses and phone numbers at your finger tips. Be sure to have easy access to all of your tools and resources. Get everything organized; it will make things go a lot smoother.

2. Study Your Competition – Let’s be honest, the chances of your business not having some sort of competition is slim. This is why you need to find your competition and study them. Look at what they are doing as well as what they have done. Find out where they can approve at, as well as where they are excelling at. Study their campaign ads, compare prices and even try their products and or services to get an even better understanding of how they work. After doing all of these things, see how you can incorporate you findings into your own business. By doing this you will eventually dominate your competition, producing more revenue for your own home business.

3 …


So What Is A Niche Site?

March 7, 2015 admin 0

If you’re completely new to internet marketing, you may be wondering exactly what a niche site is.

Let’s break the term down. Niche is a focused market or topic. Site is short for a website. So a niche site is a website that focuses on a narrow, specific topic.

An example of a topic that is not a niche would be “watches”. This term is way too broad. You could narrow it down to “men’s watches”, but that would still be too broad.

If you narrowed it even further to “men’s waterproof watches” or “men’s waterproof watches under $100″, that would be a good example of a niche topic.
Why Market To A Specific Niche?

Most people new to online marketing think that the broader the market the better chances they have of selling something. This is not true, however.

For one thing, a broader market has a lot more competition and the chances of getting a website to rank on page one of Google is close to impossible with a broad keyword. It could take you years to get your site where anyone could see it.

Another reason a narrow niche is better is because when someone searches for a specific keyword and find your site, you know they’re very interested in what you have to offer. Even though you may get fewer people who find your site, the percentage of people interested in your product is much higher. This makes for better conversions.
A Specific Product As A Niche Topic

One way to create a niche site is to use a specific product name and/or model number for your niche site name.

For example, if you want to create a niche site to sell televisions, you could choose “Samsung UN32EH4003″ as a name for your niche site. This could potentially be a high-traffic, low competition keyword to base your niche site around.

WARNING! You need to be careful about using a trademarked brand in your domain name. You could potentially get into a lot of legal troubles by doing so. There is a free website that allows you to check if a company has registered a trademark or not. It’s called Check this before you build your niche site.

You’re better off choosing a less well known name than “Samsung” for your niche site. But check for a trademark just to be safe.

A niche site can …